Privacy Policy

I value your privacy and any information that you provide me (email address, phone number, etc) will not be shared or sold.


I will not use your email to send spam communication to you.  It is implied that in providing your email address to me, that you are inquiring about a product or service that I offer.  Any communication sent to you by  me via email will be for that purpose.  You will always have the option of opting-out of receiving these communications by notifying me by email at


Like your email address, in providing your telephone number, it is implied that you have an interest in a product or a service that I offer and have inquired about them .  I will use it as needed to correspond with you about the product, service, or your inquiry.  You may also, as a result, receive phone communication from me from time-to-time.  Because of your submission of your phone number to me, you may receive these calls, despite your “Do Not Call” phone status.  You will always have the option of opting-out of receiving calls from me by sending an email to